These Wooden Carvings of Trash by Tom Pfannerstill Question Consumerism

 - Jul 17, 2014
References: tpfannerstill & psfk
Artist Tom Pfannerstill recently put together a series of wooden carvings of everyday discarded trash for his series titled 'From the Street.' The installation look into consumerism and how deeply buying and consuming goods occupies our day-to-day lives.

These realistic wood carvings are designed to look just like real pieces of trash one would find flattened on the street corner. Pfannerstill replicates things like fast food packaging, beer cases and even laundry soap detergents all by hand from blocks of wood. Each of the pieces of labeled trash that Pfannerstill replicates speaks to a piece that Pfannerstill picked up one day off of the street. Pfannerstill artwork looks at the longevity of consumerism and how product packaging lives this fleeting livelihood till it ends up nothing more than trash on the street.