The Wolverine Cake by Kimberly Chapman is as Awesome as it Sounds

 - Mar 20, 2011
References: kimberlychapman & walyou
Kimberly Chapman has created what she likes to call the Wolverine Fangirl Ultra-Cake for her entry in the 2011 That Takes the Cake contest. The Wolverine cake took a lot of work, time and dedication; it ended up taking second place. Before she started to make the cake, she had to create a plan, which entailed making everything out of Styrofoam.

The Wolverine cake is equipped with Wolverine and his claws, a tiny fan essay written on the base and a crumpled-up X-Men suit that lays beside its owner. Kimberly Chapman created a photoblog that chronicles the timeline of the Wolverine cake. The pictures of Logan's face before it was finished look so creepy! I think that Kimberly Chapman could possibly be the biggest Wolverine fan in the world.