Wolfy's Porridge Pots Have a Playfully Animalistic Personality and Image

 - Feb 4, 2014
References: wolfys & packagingoftheworld
Part of the success of Wolfy's Porridge Pots lies in the character that these little tubs exude. David Hills of Hills Design hoped to infuse the Kitchen Garden Foods product with a memorable identity by giving it personality in a remarkably simple way. You will not see the image of a person or even of the mascot animal on the oatmeal packaging; you'll see text and a few small symbols.

The typefaces scrawled across the colorful cartons are handwritten, giving the consumer the impression of a personal touch. In addition to the lovely loose lettering, Wolfy's Porridge Pots have been accented with little doodled canine paw prints so suggest the character behind the brand. The design is direct, fuss-free and lighthearted in a way that's cheerful, enticing and deliciously distinctive.