The TRNTBL Lets You Share Your Music On Spotify

 - May 7, 2016
References: & engadget
The TNRTBL is an exceptionally innovative and undeniably high-tech wireless turntable device that is designed to be fully capable of identifying what sort of music is playing on your device while it is spinning, so that you can then go about sharing music and playlists on social media channels.

The wireless turntable is also capable of sharing whatever music you're playing onto Spotify. It also comes with a 'Tune-In' feature that allows your friends and followers to keep tabs on your streams and access your playlists. This allows for a level of engagement that isn't possible with traditional turntables.

What makes this wireless turntable such a special innovation is the fact that it represents the ultimate marriage of old and new, as it uses social media tools to allow you to share music played through vinyl records.