A Collection of Wire Wave Pieces Experiments with Graphic Trompe l'Oeil

 - Dec 25, 2015
References: linestudio.ua & dezeen
Wire waves create continuous curves across these wall-mounted shelves, coffee tables and side tables. Line Studio's Max Voytenko was inspired by the appearance of rippling paper, and strove to render the folded contours with warped metal and the illusions of surface and depth.

Fine wireframes were manufactured from steel rods that were bent and powder-coated with finishes in a bold black, a subtle yellow or a vibrant cyan. The sinuous lines are consistently formed between each of the three pieces from the Kroll series, with the only final difference being the spatial orientation and the possible inclusion of a near-invisible sheet of glass.

With some designs, it can be a bit much to see the same motif appear throughout multiple elements in a room; however, these delicate, repetitive and graphic curvatures have a quality of harmonizing a single space.