The Wine USB Key Commercials Show People Filling Up at Desks

 - Jul 8, 2009   Updated: Jul 21 2011
Some advertisements are ridiculous, but this French commercial is simply outrageous. According to the YouTube video, the Wine USB Key pours wine straight from your computer in an unexplainable way.

All you have to do is buy the USB Wine Key for about $15, sign up at the online USB Wine Store, and watch wine magically pour out of your computer and into you glass. 

Do people actually fall for these ads?

Implications - Personally, I'd like to know where and why my wine is coming from anywhere. Besides, I'm paranoid about any kind of liquid being around my computer. The USB Wine Key may prove to be a better novelty item than pragmatic product, but regardless, it still maintains high cool points for ingenuity, in my book.