Eco-Friendly Wine by French Rabbit

 - May 26, 2006
References: lcbo & frenchrabbit
After posting the innovative wine bottles by Voga, I realized that I need to make sure I also report the innovative packaging by French Rabbit, a new label which has defined itself by packaging wine in Tetra Packs. As French Rabbit puts it, they offer "Quality French Wine in a state of the art package."

I am even more enthusiastic about French Rabbit as the packaging is more eco-friendly and innovative.

The French Rabbit website defines it best when they show the history of wine packaging: Animal Skin 3000BC, Clay Pots 400 BC, Caskets 100 AD, Bottles 1700AD, and now... Tetra Packs! In addition to being well designed, French Rabbit has been getting great reviews for its price range. So, save the planet and enjoy fine wine while doing it.