Volkswagen's Coupe Concept is Designed for Autonomous Driving

 - Oct 18, 2016
References: forums.vwvortex & cnet
Volkswagen's new concept for a windshield-free car hints at a not too distant future. The automobile industry is all abuzz about the potential that autonomous vehicles offer in terms of driving efficiency and convenience, and Volkswagen's concept doubles down on all that excitement with its explicitly human-unfriendly, AI-friendly design.

In a future in which cars are all driven by AI, the basic design principles of the car can be called into question. Even something as seemingly firmly entrenched as the direction that seats face could be changed in a fully autonomous vehicle (viz. occupants need not necessary all face in the same forward direction.) Volkswagen's windshield-free car concept revisits another one of the most supposedly essential aspects of the car, recognizing the potentially massive impact of a driverless future.