WindowShopper by Ryan Ghods Takes Inspiration from Tinder

 - May 8, 2014
WindowShopper was created by Ryan Ghods in an all-weekend coding marathon. The app takes inspiration from Tinder, showing one item at a time which is then liked or disliked. By keeping track of this data, users are then filtered products more suited to their tastes.

The app is ideal for anyone who loves finding a deal on fashion. Simply move the bar to filter the items according to what percentage off you're looking for, and the system will pull deals from various websites. Not only can you then find new items on a daily basis, but you can also buy certain fashionable pieces for half off the regular price. Ryan was inspired by the fact that so many fashion sites showed off products in a grid-like fashion, and aimed to make a product that was easy to use, and focused people's attention on one item at a time.