Differentiate Glasses More Easily with the Who's Who Wine Glasses

 - Oct 2, 2012
References: cb2
The Who's Who Wine Glasses collection makes it exponentially easier -- and funner -- to recognize which glass is whose.

It's always hard to tell where your drink went as the party progresses. Not everyone has customized glasses, and even with the wine glass markers that stick onto your glass or the ones that hang or wrap around the stem tend to fall off or come undone as the night goes on.

Coming in a set of four, Who's Who Wine Glasses are each inscribed with typical but funny claims of which is "Not my wine glass" and "Someone's wine glass." Unlike the markers, these glasses aren't as easy to lose, although beware of envious guests who may snatch your cool cups as a souvenir. These are great housewarming party gifts for your fellow drinking buddies and it'd be great to crack them out that night for some much-deserved boozing.