WhoCamera is the Shazam of Celebrities

 - Jul 26, 2017
References: unoemon & producthunt
Everyone knows the feeling of blanking on someone's name at an inopportune moment, and WhoCamera is a new app that solves that problem — when it comes to celebrities at least. The app brands itself as 'Shazam for celebrity faces,' and it uses image-recognition technology to identify celebrities and tie them to things like IMDb and social media accounts.

Just like Shazam, WhoCamera is designed to work in real-life settings. While it can analyze still images, it's just as effective with moving ones. In other words, WhoCamera could analyze a scene from a TV show and find the right celebrity without users even having to press pause. The app also gives a percentage of certainty with the analysis, which runs as high as 99.9 percent if the footage is clear enough.