The 'Who Is That Hot Ad Girl' Tumblr Gives Essential Answers

If you've ever been struck by a mysterious TV commercial actress and wanted to see more, or you're stuck in a "who's that girl" name-game investigation with friends, the 'Who Is That Hot Ad Girl' Tumblr is the perfect destination to have all your questions answered. The blog is dedicated to finding the women behind these 30-second ads, and provides their names and list of other works. What is most interesting about this blog is that almost all of the ladies have appeared in a number of shows and music videos, or are well-known models that become almost unrecognizable in a different context.

The 'Who Is That Hot Ad Girl' site will save you and your friends the trouble of trying to remember a pitchwoman's name for hours on end, and is also a great resource for finding lesser-known independent films and projects. With an easy-to-use search feature and archive, this blog is definitely worth checking out.