Mocking the Rich and Famous Takes a Turn for the Artistic

 - May 7, 2012
Celebrities, with all of the attention and money they're afforded, never get off scot-free from scrutiny -- and these offensive celebrity depictions prove it. The public nature of their very being makes them easy targets for often creative and definitely hilarious exaggerated celebrity portraiture.

Being so easily recognizable comes at a price, as can clearly be seen in this compilation of unflattering celebrity depictions. Hilarious, viral-ready and understood by most people, this kind of material attracts both lovers and haters of the famed few who dominate Hollywood and beyond. Integrating widespread personal details and stand-out facial features, the creators featured in this collection are clearly in tune with the defining features of the celebs that they portray.

Addicting, funny and often showing great creativity and artistry, exaggerated celebrity portraiture is popular for good reason.