Whisky-Me is Offering Drinkers a Unique Drinking Experience

 - Oct 29, 2018
References: whisky-me & thedrinksbusiness
Whisky-Me is celebrating its one year anniversary by installing a whisky pouch vending machine outside of London’s Napoleon Hotel. Founded by Thomas Aske and Tristan Stephenson, this unique subscription service offers whisky fans "rare and exclusive" single malts in distinct single serving pouches. The use of the pouches was done to "to reinvent whisky’s stereotypically serious image with a fun, contemporary approach."

The Whisky-Me pouch vending machine will be available outside the hotel and can be accessed after purchasing tokens from the upstairs bar, Devils Darling, in the hotel. Each token is just £7.95 and can be purchased from the bar from 5PM every day. The whiskies featured in the machine come from The Macallan, Royal Lochnagar and Aberfeldy, as well as a special "birthday whisky." The selections were all made by Aske and Stephenson and were chosen based on "rarity and exclusivity."