Canon’s #Whatdoyousee Ad is Both Moving and Visually Stunning

 - Apr 8, 2014
References: & adweek
Japanese camera manufacturer Canon launched this emotionally charged ad as part of its ‘#whatdoyousee’ campaign. The campaign revolves around the notion that every individual sees the world in a way that is completely unique to them, and challenges viewers to capture their unique perspective of the world.

The ad shows a series of eyeballs with different scenes reflected in them, representing what the ‘owners’ of the eyeballs are looking at. At first, the notion of an ad consisting entirely of a series of eyeballs may seem somewhat creepy. But upon paying closer attention, it becomes clear that the ad does a fine job depicting how the world reflects itself in people’s eyes.

The series of shots in the ad show reflections in the eyeballs of people looking at different things, ranging from celebratory fireworks to a funeral pyre. One particularly poignant shot shows the image of a newborn baby reflected in the eye of an old person shedding a joyous tear.

Clearly, the #whatdoyousee campaign is a telling example of how seemingly over-the-top sentimentality and unconventional visuals can add real value to a TV ad, when accompanied by stellar writing and stunning production.