Weisshaar and Kram MULTITHREAD Visualizes Tension

 - Nov 6, 2012
References: kramweisshaar & dezeen
The Weisshaar and Kram MULTITHREAD furniture project uses color to represent energy.

The furniture was created using 3D printing technology in which design duo Weisshaar and Kram created a web-like structure. On this structure, they placed a wooden platter to create tables and shelving units. One of the coolest features of this furniture is that it demonstrates the weight that it is carrying. Each joint of the intricate web design has been painted to represent the amount of pressure it is supporting. Accurate computer calculations were used to determine the exact coloring of each point of interaction, with yellow being the highest pressure and blue the lowest.

The Weisshaar and Kram MULTITHREAD furniture project gives us a visual of how much weight and pressure is distributed throughout the design.