Wei Yi International Designed This Taiwan Apartment for an Elder

 - May 26, 2017
References: dezeen
With wisdom and age, people come to find that life is full of depth, and Wei Yi International's Taipei apartment design reflects that ideology. Designed for "an elder with great fortune and rich experience," according to a quotation from Dezeen, the apartment exemplifies and literalizes the expanding grey areas of life that come to be all the more visible with age.

When people talk about "livable apartments," they're usually referring to a fairly specific set of ideas. The apartments should fill up with natural light, they should feel cozy, and they should reflect one's personal tastes. For Wei Yi International, such a conception belies the truths of life, so when designing their apartment for an elderly occupant, the company opted to let it reflect the experience of that individual in a way that might be at odds with younger idealists.