Web Lovers Monopoly Includes All the Most Popular Sites

If the other 500 versions of Monopoly start to bore you, try the Web Lovers Monopoly version. This concept game by 'Make Some Design' features all of the most popular websites known to man.

The gameplay is almost the same as the basic Monopoly except with a few variations. When passing GO, a player now collects 200 million dollars and jail has been replaced with 'Real World.' Also, the community chest cards have been replaced with Silicon Valley cards and free parking is now free wireless. While the board does include many popular websites, I'm not sure if they are ordered correctly. The most expensive property Boardwalk has been replaced with Yahoo while Facebook, Google, and YouTube come earlier on the board.

So if you feel like your family spends too much time on the computer, plan a family game night and play Web Lovers Monopoly.