The Wavescape Pavilion Mimics the Waves and Tides of the Ocean

 - Oct 6, 2011
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Designed by AQSO Arquitectos and Ydesign, the Wavescape Pavilion comprises two structures (with total area 6,128 square meters) in Yeosu, South Korea.

The Wavescape Pavilion in South Korea comprises two truly interesting and intriguing forms. These two buildings were designed for the Yeosu Expo and make up two exhibition spaces. They seem to take the form of two undulating water molecules, displaying exteriors crafted with a transparentness that is meant to mimic the flow of the ocean. In fact, the designers created the buildings to look as though it is always in motion, the way the ocean is constantly in motion.

According to the designers, the Wavescape Pavilion's "skin translates the energy of the ocean to move itself vertically up and down, creating a vibrant image that it is always in motion with the waves and tides."