These Wave Liquid Dispensers Ensure You Don't Catch Someone's Cooties

 - Jan 18, 2014
References: & shapeways
Say your friend asked for a sip of your drink, and although you’d like to think you’d gladly offer it, you don’t, because you’re worried about catching something, but these Wave Liquid Dispensers offer a solution. With the Wave liquid dispenser on hand, you can willingly share drinks without running the risk of getting cooties.

It seems like rocket science, but it isn’t -- it’s the simple use of a siphon. When both ends of a siphon are set in the same pressure, liquid flows through the tube back and forth. Imagine how easy and fun morning routines can if you just poured one glass of milk and let the Wave evenly dispense enough into each and every glass? Fun for kids and adults, the Wave will have everyone around sitting in sheer amazement, marveling all the wonders of science.