The 'Growver' Watering System Detects What Section Needs Watering

 - Apr 18, 2016
References: revely & homecrux
Developed by Revely Microsystems, the 'Growver' watering system is an autonomous robot that can work diligently to ensure your lawn receives the proper amount of irrigation.

Currently being funded on Kickstarter, the 'Growver' uses a simple setup procedure in order to be used. The parameters for the unit to operate within need to be set and voila: the 'Growver' can go to work operating on one of the preset modes for watering.

The 'Growver' watering system operates via the accompanying app so users can adjust how much water should be used and even keep track of lawn health. With water shortages being a major cause for concern in places around North America, the 'Growver' could help to make water consumption in gardening more realistic.