The Water Stone Faucet Enhances the H2O Experience

 - Aug 8, 2011
References: omersagiv & tuvie
It's easy for most Westerners to take advantage of the abundance of water since it runs freely and forcefully out of every tap throughout their houses. The Water Stone Faucet and Sink System is not the sort of fixture that reminds users naggingly of their consumption levels, but rather dazzles them with the magical qualities of the clear liquid.

Designed by Omer Sagiv, the tap looks like a stack of smooth river rocks, finished with a glossy silver polish. Within the top pebble, water rises and ripples around a control ball, with which one can regulate the pressure and temperature of the pouring liquid. Smith Newnam and Touch360 had a hand in developing the mechanics of the Water Stone Faucet, inviting an interaction and consequent appreciation of the precious resource escaping from this elegant indoor fountain.