The MAVEA Water Filter Pitcher Filters Out Contaminants

 - Sep 13, 2016
References: amzn & 7gadgets
Some consumers opt for bottled water in a bid to drink water that is either pre-filtered or from a purer source, but the MAVEA Water Filter Pitcher enables users to ditch this habit. Utilizing the brand's Advanced CCC (Compressed Catalytic Carbon) Filter Technology, the jug is capable of removing chloramine, chlorine and other unwanted contaminants. However, the filter is capable of leaving in minerals that help to enhance the taste and benefits of the water.

When compared to other water filtering jugs on the market, the MAVEA outperforms them with more filtration capabilities; it will provide up to 60-gallons of purified water per filter. The MAVEA Water Filter Pitcher also features the MEMO exchange indicator to remind users when they last swapped out the filter.