The MAVEA Water Filter Bottle Purifies Water in a Leak-Proof Bottle

 - Aug 10, 2016
References: re-thinkyourwater.mavea
The MAVEA Water Filter Bottle provides purified water on-the-go in a sleek, leak-proof bottle.

The MAVEA Water Filter Bottle filters water through a MicroDisc filter to purify the water poured into the bottle. The MAVEA MicroDisc filters are Compressed Catalytic Carbon, also known as MAVEA Advanced CCC Filter Technology, and the filters reduce chlorine and chloramine, which are chemicals that give water a metallic taste. The filters let minerals like magnesium and calcium pass through, so the consumer is still able to receive the positive minerals found in water.

The MAVEA Water Filter Bottle is available in blue and purple, and features an easy-open lid that makes it easy to use the bottle with one hand. The MicroDisc filters also work on the MAVEA Water Filter Pitcher and the MAVEA Water Filter Carafe.