Wassabi Productions Uses Music Lyrics in Real Life

 - Sep 10, 2012
References: youtube
The crew behind 'Wassabi Productions' knows a thing or two about how to reach Internet fame; the company is made up of two young men, Alex and Roi, who started the very successful YouTube channel when they were just children.

The channel feature a countless number of video parodies, original skits and fan videos that are all designed to make you laugh out loud in very little time. Recently, the comic duo covered Carly Rae Jepsen's mega hit 'Call Me Maybe' and earned themselves millions upon millions of views.

In the video shown above, Alex and Roi speak in song by incorporating their love for pop music into everyday conversations. So if you're looking for a way to become a YouTube superstar, why not take some cues from Wassabi Productions? They may be young, but they've been producing quality web content that has had great success, and are talented examples of self-made celebrities who people of any age trying to make it in the business can learn from.