Artist Wang Zi Won Explores Relationship Between Man and Robot

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: blog.naver & thisiscolossal
South Korean artist Wang Zi Won has created a stunning interpretation of religious idols Buddha and bodhisattva. They have been turned into mechanical figures. Although they might appear manmade, their inner spirit has not been dampened by all of the hardware. They continue to take on a meditative pose that it incredibly calming, if not slightly contradictory considering their current state.

Interestingly, Wang Zi Won's sculptures don't just look mechanical, they act mechanically as well. Through their construction, they are able to perform repetitive motions. According to This Is Colossal, Wang Zi Won explores a future in which man and robot merge. Shin Seung-ho writes, "He sees this future as our destiny, not as a negative, gloomy dystopia."