Go RVing Launches a Video That is Narrated by the Child Within

 - Mar 14, 2018
References: gorving & gorving
Go RVing Canada launches a wanderlust campaign that seeks to motivate people to travel, explore and live carefree. 'Bring Back Wildhood' boasts an exceptionally honest video, urging individuals to rediscover their passion for the outdoors, adventures and spending mindful time in nature. The wanderlust campaign indirectly points at how technology, media and urban life has taken away "the freedom that every child is born knowing" and how it has substituted this fundamental part of our nature with stress and anxiety.

Go RVing Canada hopes to elevate people and bring them back to youth, nature and the wonders of travel. Fully supporting the case for digital detox, the wanderlust campaign aims to teach people about RVing, relate helpful "tips, travel destination, recipes and more."