The Walmart vs Amazon Infographic Compares the Two Mega-Stores

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: onlinemba & dailyinfographic
The Walmart vs Amazon infographic charts the business growth of two of the biggest corporations in the world. The world of online shopping has revolutionized the consumer experience and created massive business rivalries between existing corporations and their online counterparts. While Walmart and Amazon differ on a variety of levels, they both offer an infinite variety of overlapping products, but two wildly different shopping experiences.

This infographic from Online MBA categorizes the growth potential of both of these companies according to the following categories: market performance, products, brand performance, expansion and projected growth.

Implications - The rise of technology has changed the face of consumerism with the introduction of online shopping. The emergence of virtual shopping centers caters to a wide range of consumers who struggle to make time for shopping as well as those who do not enjoy the process. This has created large levels of competition between existing superstores and the rapidly growing virtual shopping market.