Wallpapering by Dear Human Can be Printed and Painted like Paper

 - May 29, 2014
References: dearhuman & design-milk
When people think of tiles, more often than not ceramic and porcelain come to mind although metal and other similar materials are also becoming common for some added originality in the home or office; Wallpapering by Dear Human, a studio founded by Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O’Connell, provides an even more original alternative. It is made out of paper pulp, which the Vancouver-based design firm is known for working with.

Resulting in a contemporary rustic appearance, Wallpapering by Dear Human was created with the interior space as a whole in mind. Treating walls as canvas, the pulp is pressed in air release dies, a common practice when creating industrial ceramic tiles. Hard as board and sound-absorbing, the tiles can be printed and painted just like any paper.