Wallaby Card Helps You Take Advantage of Credit Card Benefits

 - Jul 5, 2012
References: walla.by & springwise
When you have several different credit cards, it can be difficult to consistently keep track of their discounts, rewards and saving options, but this is where the Wallaby Card comes in. When you connect your credit card accounts to the Wallaby Card, it helps you to decide which card will provide you with the most benefit on any given purchase so you can take advantage of your cards' offerings.

Once you've created an account, the Wallaby Card will monitor all of your cards for their benefits and discounts and choose the right one for you when you buy something. Then, instead of carrying around all of your credit cards, and having to remember which deals accompany which cards, you can just carry around the Wallaby Card to make purchases. Every time you use it, it links back to your "digital wallet" online to complete the purchase and select the card that will give you the most benefit. The video here demonstrates how the innovative payment system works.