- Feb 5, 2015
These mobile payment innovations range from phone-connected coffee payments to smartwatch wallets that make physical currency a thing of the past. With the popularity of platforms like Uber's taxi service and the Starbucks' Mobile Card app, major brands are recognizing the importance of customer convenience and are offering payments that can be made with the tap of a screen.

In addition to being popular within food and service industries, mobile payment is also becoming the norm within the transportation and travel sectors. In addition to Uber's widely used taxi service, even urban transit systems are introducing mobile payment capabilities.

A great example of this is Toronto's newly introduced airport transit app that will give travelers a chance to pay for their Union Pearson Express route via their mobile device.

Other mobile payment innovations from this list include wearable banking devices that replace traditional debit and credit payments with digital sensor signals.

From Mobile Coffee Payments to Smartwatch Wallet Devices: