The Square Hoodie Keeps Your Square Safe and Nearby

 - Dec 1, 2011
References: kickstarter & technabob
Small business owners who fancy themselves tech-savvy are definitely going to want to check out the Square Hoodie. The Square Hoodie is a new case designed for Square, the mobile credit card device.

The designers behind the Square Hoodie love Square, but note that due to its small size, it's easy to misplace or forget about. The Square Hoodie would make it nearly impossible to forget the Square by placing it in a protective silicon case with a loop. The loop could be attached to a lanyard or carabiner to ensure that it's always on hand. The best part about the Square Hoodie is that you can still use your Square even when it's in the case. The hoodie is currently still a concept and is seeking Kickstarter funding to help get off the ground.