- Feb 5, 2015
POS systems (or Point Of Sale) remain an integral part of the retail experience, even as the Internet and technological advancements increasingly infiltrate our lives. Technology has definitely influenced the way we shop, whether it's replacing the traditional cash register or creating a space where people pay in person without interacting at a checkout counter.

Contactless donation shops like the interactive display installed by Clear Channel for Cancer Research UK is less focused on consumerism and more on giving back financially. The digital window display provides an interesting opportunity for brands when it comes to payment methods.

Biometric science is being integrated into POS systems, as evidenced with vein-scanning checkout systems like the Fujitsu PulseWallet, Quixter vein scanner and the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel PayTouch system.

You can also integrate existing devices like a smartphone or tablet with point of sale, as evidenced by card-swiping smartphone cases.

From Emotion-Scanning Checkout Tablets to Contactless Donation Shops: