The WakeMake Gets Attention at the Wire Store 'Regal Remix' Event

 - Dec 23, 2010
References: buick & wakemate
(SPONSORED) Wake up feeling refreshed every morning with the WakeMate wristband, an alarm system that works with your phone to help you reduce grogginess while waking up. Trend Hunter spotted this cool item at the Wired store 'Regal Remix' event on December 9th, which was sponsored by Buick.

After syncing the WakeMate wristband to your mobile phone, you can then set your alarm like usual to the ideal time you are required to be awake. As you wear the wristband to sleep, it measures your subtle body movements, calculating when the perfect time is for your alarm to go off within 20 minutes prior to the original set time. Perfect for those who don’t follow regular sleeping hours, this WakeMate system will ensure that you sleep efficiently, even if you don’t get a full eight hours.

Stay tuned for more Trend Hunter-approved items from the Wired store Buick 'Regal Remix' event!