The 'Wake' Collection by Ubico Studios Upcycles the Bi-Products of Deforestation

 - Oct 4, 2011
References: studioubico & treehugger
Arboreally-themed furniture is gaining popularity and riding the coattails of the global environmental movement; and though this may be true, you won't hear me complaining about the Wake Collection of living room accoutrements.

The Tel Aviv-based Ubico Studios have set their efforts to reclaiming salvaged wood and repurposing it. After gathering the scraps, they're glued together, polished and arranged to look like intact tree stumps. Astonishingly, this self-proclaimed "urban gathering and reclaiming" company found the raw wood on the streets, in dumpsters and at renovation sites. And just when you thought interior decor couldn't be any eco-friendlier, Ubico actually reduces waste, repurposes it and composts the remains -- and to boot, the result looks gorgeous!