'Vycle' is a Pedal-Powered Conveyance for Vertical Ascent and Descent

 - Jul 5, 2017
References: dezeen
The Vycle, a graduate design project by Elena Larriba, is an alternative means of transporting oneself through buildings.

There are currently two methods for moving between buildings storeys: stairs and elevators. Neither is ideal, as stairs take up excess amounts of space in building designs and elevators require a substantial amount of energy to operate. The Vycle offers the best of both worlds; it's a pedal-operated transport apparatus that lets its users ascend and descend in little more space than the volume of one's body.

The Vycle could be retroactively fitted into most preexisting buildings quite easily since it requires so little space to operate. Larriba also believes that it could be used as a cost effective method of transport for construction workers who need access to multiple levels of a building currently under construction.