Shag's Peeping Toms

California artist Shag’s latest series of acrylics includes a number of voyeuristic images and a plethora of peeping Toms. He’s renamed them, however; Shag’s peepers are are named Troy, Trevor, Trent, Terry, Todd, Titus, Ted, and Tim. The last two paintings are called "License to Peep" and my favorite of the series, "Angry-ex."

Shag’s real name is Josh Agle. The name ‘Shag’ is a clever contraction of the last two letters of his first and first two letters of his last names. Shag’s style can best be described as kitschy-pop. Many of his images celebrate consumerism and consumption in some form. The characters he creates are typically drinking, smoking and otherwise enjoying a lavish lifestyle in mid-century surroundings.