VOO Store in Berlin is a Thoroughly Designed Concept Store

 - Apr 17, 2013
References: vooberlin
Voo Store is a new concept shop located in central Kreuzberg, Germany. This shop is great because it takes the rather played out act of shopping and turns it into a more interactive and inspired activity.

Instead of walking around a store feeling frustrated, annoyed and bored by the products available to you, VOO Store allows you to feel artistic, inspired and alive! VOO Store focuses on cultural and creative diversity when choosing what products they want to feature in the shop.

VOO Store is interested in items that are thoughtfully designed, creative, and made with solid craftsmanship. Basically, this shop focuses on the important aspects that make the products they carry the things people want to buy.

Be sure to check the shop out online or add it to your list of shops to hit while traveling.