These Overly Suggestive Food Ads Were Made For the Voir Restaurant

 - Dec 31, 2013
References: adsoftheworld & adsoftheworld
These risque Voir Restaurant ads, created by Nicolas Massey and Carl Robichaud, turn fruits, grains and meats into sexually suggestive objects. There's no denying that sex sells, and these comically erotic food photos are guaranteed to grab peoples attention, which is what advertising is all about.

One of these suggestive shots features a set of cantaloupes that have been set up to resemble breasts. Another shot features an extremely phallic slab of meat. These strangely sensual food ads could be considered shockvertising, which can be an extremely effective method in terms of creating memorable ads.

These Voir Restaurant ads make healthy eating seem more desirable than ever before. The naughty food photos also help to draw attention to the quality ingredients used at this establishment.