The New Voice Access Feature Helps Those with Severe Motor Impairment

 - May 24, 2016
References: lifehacker & fastcodesign
Google's recently developed a new accessibility feature called Voice Access that helps those with severe motor impairment perform daily tasks. While many people already use voice assistants such as Siri to perform simple functions on their smartphone, Google is aiming to use the same technology to help those who need it the most.

Announced this week during I/O 2016, Voice Access is a new feature that allows those with severe motor impairment to control every single function of their smartphone with nothing but their voice. To use the feature, users simply activate Voice Access through the Okay Google command. Once the feature is turned on, it allows users to perform different functions by reading numbered commands, which replace traditional tap targets. This means that users can access any smartphone feature without ever touching their device.

The new feature demonstrates how voice recognition technology can be used to make digital devices more accessible to those with physical impairments.