The Vogue Italia October 2013 Issue is a Golden Paradise

Model Viktoriya Sasonkina is photographed by Greg Lotus for the Vogue Italia October 2013 issue. Prince once sang that "all that glitters ain’t gold," but that doesn’t seem to be the case for this luxurious shoot, which is literally dripping in gold, from the gilded surroundings to Sasonkina’s bejeweled wardrobe.

Sasonkina wears a lavish gold gown, extravagant golden headwear – from the winged helmet to the lattice hat – and shimmery temporary tattoos on her legs and fingers for an added pop of sparkle. Sasonkina even dons a crown and bejeweled gold corset in one shot. Sasonkina poses among a golden gate, a gilded elevator and some solid-gold Flamingo statues to complete the sense of extreme wealth and grandeur.

Overall, this photo shoot is deliciously excessive in bling, sparkle and shine.