The Vixole Matrix Shoes Vibrate When the Wearer is near Pokémon

 - Aug 12, 2016
References: facebook & bustle
For those who are looking for a faster way to become a Pokémon Master, the high-tech Vixole Matrix shoes may be the perfect way to catch em' all.

Vixole Matrix is a pair of sneakers designed to work with VR and AR applications such as the immensely popular mobile game Pokémon GO. The shoes feature a futuristic design and a thin LED display that interacts directly with the user's smartphone. By working in conjunction with Google Maps, the shoes will provide the user with directions to the nearest Pokémon. When the user is close to a Pokémon character, the shoes will begin vibrating and light up with different designs programmed by the user.

While the shoes will not be available until the launch of the company's Kickstarter campaign in September, the vibrating footwear gives Pokémon GO-enthusiasts a new way to experience the game.