Beth Hoeckel Creates Killer Cut and Paste Collages

Baltimore-based artist Beth Hoeckel works in several mediums, including photography, painting and drawing; but it is her classic paper and paste collage work that is accumulating buzz right now. The settings in these images, created from vintage books and magazines, can be both serene and slightly unsettling. Hoeckel's source material spans from the 1940s to the 1970s, but she finds publications from the 50s to be the most magical.

The subjects of these pieces range from dining table settings to bizarre landscapes. Alternately photo-real and fantastical, all of these images evoke a strange sense of nostalgia. Hoeckel admits that she likes to leave her images open-ended, allowing for a variety of interpretations. She lists her daily inspirations as "Unusual shapes, negative space, language and literature, interpersonal relations, treasure hunting."