Vincent Bocognani Draws Nintendo Characters for Mature Crowds

 - Aug 10, 2011
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The logistics of Mario riding a dinosaur named Yoshi makes total sense in the context of a video game, but these Vincent Bocognani illustrations completely point out its absurdity with his more pragmatic depictions of Nintendo characters.

Vincent Bocognani's drawn a variety of video game favorites and he's always managed to include an element of brutal realism in his illustrations, elevating children's fantasies to unnerving adult nightmares. Seeing Link hold a pulsating heart in his hand definitely makes me re-evaluate what I used to imagine when staring at the onscreen pixels.

Implications - Consumers enjoy seeing pop culture staples re-contextualized because they simultaneously offer viewers new content while reinvigorating consumer interest in the source material. Corporations may similarly reinvigorate consumer interest in their old products by giving their goods updated designs.