Architects Convert a 1940s Abode into the Modern Villa Wienberg

 - Dec 3, 2014
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Full of sharp angles and wooden accents, Villa Wienberg is a modern summerhouse that didn't begin so contemporarily. Based off of a 1940s Danish property, it has been converted and extended in delightfully unconventional ways to revitalize the space. By doing so, Villa Wienberg plays with "patterns of shadows and filters the light," as Martin Wienberg of Aarhus-based Friis & Moltke puts it.

Located in the coastal suburb of HĂžjbjerg on the outskirts of Aarhus, Villa Wienberg might be modern, but the design was created to pay homage to nature. A collaborative design effort that also involved Mette Wienberg of Wienberg Architects, Villa Wienberg is unconventional with its visually stimulating spaces that plays with contrasting materials and colors.