Villa Safadasht Features an Elevated Walkway Over Its Courtyard Pool

 - May 11, 2017
References: dezeen
Villa Safadasht, a holiday home in Karaj, Iran, features an elevated walkway that bridges the two halves of the sharp concrete abode. That walkway runs over top of a pool in the center of the villa's courtyard, offering a pleasant view of the pool (and those frolicking in it) below.

The two sections of the villa, those connected by the elevated passageway, each have their own purpose. One side of the building is designed specifically for entertainment, with a jacuzzi and more direct access to the outdoor pool. The other side is a more private residence, though the fact that it connects its interior to the entertainment space suggests that the owners are more than willing to engage their fun and sociable sides frequently when they host guests at the home.