Video Date Montage Proves Why Personal Ads Will Come Back to Haunt You

 - Sep 18, 2009
References: theworldsbestever
Remember when people made personal ad videos? In the hopes that someone would watch it, and call them. Yeah, that was a bad idea, because the Video Mate you made has come back to haunt you. Here’s the video, and the 10 best quotes from it.

10. "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a woman healthy wealthy and wise."
9. "Hi, I’m Maurice, I’m an executive by day and a wild man by night."
8. "I’m not afraid to get sand on my tuxedo, if you’re not afraid to let the wind mess your hair up a little bit when I take the top down."
7. "Hi Mom."
6. "I do consider myself a refined valley dude."
5. "What I am not looking for is some big, overgrown, monster that’s always thinking about food."
4. "I’m a 25 year subscriber to both Playboy and the New Yorker magazine."
3. "No Donna Juanitas."
2. "I like to wear bright socks, and I’m an avid Cleveland Browns fan."
1. "Type A, I’m not. Comfortable, caring and serious about a relationship I am."

Wow. Thanks Video Mate. Ladies, have we got any takers?!