The Vibrant Capsule Induces Natural Bowel Activity without Chemicals

 - May 10, 2014
References: vibrantgastro & ohgizmo
Constipation, whether experienced in the comfort of one's home or in a strange place while on vacation, is never pleasant; the Vibrant Capsule hopes to help in a unique way. It is a vibrating pill that helps to induce natural bowel movements without the need for potentially harmful chemicals. Through the vibrations, the Vibrant Capsule stimulates the basic physiology involved in healthy bowel activity.

The Vibrant Capsule is currently being tested by a team of researchers headed by Yishai Ron. It is programmed to start vibrating six to eight hours after it’s swallowed as it passes through the lower intestines. Instead of being dissolvable, it passes through with the once hard to pass feces. According to Oh Gizmo, the study has seen improvement in constipated participants.