Healthy Pets Alleviates Owners' Anxieties with Video Chats

 - Jun 15, 2018
Emma Haris is the CEO of Healthy Pets — an on-demand service that boasts veterinary consultations through video chats. It is often the case when owners have trouble in deciphering and classifying the behavior of their furry companions. As trips to the vet are not only a hassle but also quite costly at times, Emma Harris decided to provide an anxiety-alleviating resource with a simple on-demand service that offers real-time veterinary consultations.

The video chat can have one of three outcomes. For one, there might be no impending reason to go to the clinic because everything is fine. Secondly, the issue is small and will be monitored until it resolves itself. Finally, there is good reason to be concerned and its time to go to the vet.

In any case, Healthy Pets' veterinary consultations will give owners' a piece of mind.