Vespas by Patricia Piccinini is Full of Cute Character

Once a person browses through the art series titled Vespas by Patricia Piccinini, it is most likely that he or she will never look at a scooter the same again. Forever -- or at least for some time -- they will see them as man-made creatures that people ride to get from one point to another, just like a horse. Cute and full of character, these scooter sculptures are brought to life through expert moulding and artistry.

Comprised of three different sculptures, Vespas by Patricia Piccinini appears to depict different families of scooters. The Nest sculpture portrays a mother and her child. The Stag seems to portray the dominance of one Vespa over another. Finally, the Thicker Than Water sculpture portrays the love and protectiveness shared between siblings.

Overall, Vespas by Patricia Piccinini is quite arresting.